Jet City Amplification Picovalve 5w Tube Guitar Amp Head


Jet City Amplification Picovalve 5w Tube Guitar Amp Head

 For sale is a Jet City Amplification PicoValve 5W Tube Guitar Amp Head. I have replaced the stock preamp and power tubes, which is a big improvement.

Low-wattage tube guitar amp designed by THD Electronics for sizzling tube tone in a compact, but powerful head.

Designed by Andy Marshall and licensed by THD
Electronics, Jet City's PicoValve amp head is a compact, low-wattage
tone machine. The amp head features THD's unique topology, which allows
the user to swap the power tube at will—use nearly any octal-based tube
without the need to re-bias the amp. With 5 watts, and a 1/2-power mode,
you can get full power-amp distortion at volume levels which won't
upset the neighbors. The tube guitar amp features a full-tone stack with
treble, middle, and bass controls. Preamp and Master Volume controls
dial up just the right amount of overdrive and output level. Housed in
THD's signature steel cage design, this Jet City amp head is sturdy
enough to stand up to the elements, and packs all the tube distortion
you're looking for.


  • THD's topology: swap the power tube without the need to re-bias
  • 5 watts
  • 1/2-power mode
  • Full tone stack: treble, middle, and bass controls
  • Preamp and master volume controls

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